InternetVista Wins the Innova BW Prize

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 20/12/2007


In the first round of the Innova BW competition held on Thursday, 6 December, InternetVista claimed the title of the most innovative company in Walloon Brabant and will now go on to represent the region at the Wallonia Entrepreneurship Grand Prix on 28 February 2008.

Established by Nivelinvest and Solvay Entrepreneurs, the Innova BW Prize is awarded to the most innovative company in Walloon Brabant. In the final against Fugo International and G-Tech, InternetVista emerged as the winner following a presentation of the company’s project to a jury of experts and a panel of 150 entrepreneurs. "I think the jury was impressed by the quality of the technology we presented, and also by our targeted marketing," explains Cédric Braem, co-founder of the company. "Any internet user can, for example, sell our systems and tailor its subscription forms to meet its customers’ requirements."

Founded in 2003 by Cédric Braem and Christophe Darville, InternetVista specialises in monitoring Internet applications. For a modest subscription, InternetVista will monitor your Internet services 24 hours a day and alert you immediately in the event of any malfunction (defective database, server unavailable…). "If an e-commerce site is down for a few hours, the retailer can be looking at losses of thousands of euros," Cédric Braem stresses.

Four years after its launch, InternetVista has some 7,000 users spread across more than 112 countries. In Belgium, its customer portfolio includes companies such as KBC,, Ogone and the Walloon Telecommunications Agency. Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, InternetVista has as one of its main investors the E-Merge investment fund.

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