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Louvain-la-Neuve, België, 15/09/2009


Desktop Reporting and InternetVista today announce the launch of the latest version of Polaris. This application (widget) allows you to access your Google Analytics reports and check your website availability straight from your Mac/Windows desktop. This always-on feature is a global precedent.

After installing Polaris on your computer, you can permanently visualize the audience on your website. All you need is a Google Analytics account configured for your website. Polaris is fully free of charge and costs only 15 euro per year if you want to use several Google Analytics accounts at the same time.

In addition to the usual information provided by Google Analytics, Polaris also allows you to check your website availability and receive an immediate warning if any major failure occurs. Moreover, you can find out the accurate length of the website downtime as well as an estimate of the resulting traffic loss.

This never-seen-before combined feature, that is also entirely free of charge after registration, is the outcome of a close collaboration with InternetVista, the European leader in online applications monitoring (

"Thanks to this partnership between two service providers who are perfectly complementary, website owners have a now a practical solution to watch their online audience and the technical availability of their website as well", Cédric Braem, Managing Director of InternetVista, says.

“No doubt this deep integration between two key performance indicators will make your life easier”, Sébastien Doyen, Marketing Director of Desktop Reporting, adds.

Polaris is available for download on Polaris is based on the AIR technology by Adobe and is also the very first application based on the open API of Google Analytics.

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Cédric Braem
Tel. 010/39 00 75

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