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  • Start

  •  $



    Webmaster & SME

  • 1  Application  (15 min.)
  • 1  Media
  • Support 24/7 
  • Multi-User 
  • Reporting 
  • Free trial
  • Enterprise

  •  $



    Enterprise & Web Agencies

  • 10  Applications  (10 min.)
  • 5  Media
  • Support 24/7 
  • Multi-User 
  • Reporting 
  • Free trial
  • Custom

  • from $



    Expert User

  • unlimited Applications
  • unlimited Media
  • Support 24/7 
  • Multi-User 
  • Reporting 
  • Free trial

Application: service you wish to monitor - it can be a URL, an e-mail server, a database, etc.

Media: means of communication between you and InternetVista to receive alerts and reports (e-mail, SMS, etc.).

How to register?

We invite you to register by simply filling up the registration form. The first 30 days of usage are free.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay with a credit card or through PayPal. The transaction is obviously secured.

What are the startup costs and the installation procedure?

There aren't any startup costs (no setup cost) for using our services. Once registered, you can immediately configure your monitoring and start monitoring your site and/or your applications. You don't need to install anything at your end: everything can be configured through your web browser.

Is my subscription a long-term commitment?

After having positively assessed our services free of charge, you select a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual subscription. The 13th month of subscription is free. If your requirements change in the course of time, you can modify all the parameters of your subscription at any time: types and number of applications audited, checking frequency, alert channels.... No administrative cost will be charged for changing or deleting your subscription.

Are flat rate packages applicable?

Our philosophy: you only pay for what you really need. So you can select the configuration you require at any given time and avoid paying for a service you don't use much. To help you make your selection, we offer several predefined plans.

I have other questions? Where can I find the answers?

We invite you to consult the "FAQ" section of our site. You can also contact us via the contact form.

1. Applications

What is this? An application is an Internet service that you wish to monitor. It can be a website, an email server, a mySql database, etc. You can monitor as many applications as you want.

Monitoring frequency Price per application per month  1 2
60 minutes $1.19
30 minutes $2.19
20 minutes $3.29
15 minutes $4.39
10 minutes $6.49
5 minutes $12.99
3 minutes $19.99
1 minute $24.99

(1) These prices are per application and per month, whatever the protocol (http, https, ftp, dns, smtp, pop, imap, tcp, udp, ping, mysql). You can combine different monitoring frequencies, according to the importance of each of your applications.

(2) For the transactional monitoring (monitoring of web scenario), the monthly price is based on scenario step number, each step consumes one "application credit". For example, a scenario of 3 steps will cost you: 3 x $6.49 = $19.47

2. Alert channels or media

What is this? An alert channel is the medium selected in order to be warned when InternetVista detects an error in one of the applications that you have requested to be monitored. It can be an email address, a cell phone number (SMS) or even a Twitter account.

Media type Price per medium per month 1 Example
email 2 $1.29
mobile phone (SMS) $1.29 448489123456
Twitter account $1.29 @twitter

(1) A single medium can be used for several applications. In this case, you only pay once for the medium.
(2) Daily, weekly and monthly activity reports are sent through these email addresses

3. Notifications

What is this? A notification is a message sent via one of the channels selected in the previous step. In case of SMS, you pay only for each successfully sent notification. Notifications sent via email or to a Twitter account are free of charge.

Type of notification Price per notification
email free
SMS $0.22 --> $0.26 1 2
tweet free

(1) To receive alerts via SMS, you have to buy SMS credits in advance. Whenever an SMS is sent to you, one credit is taken from your total credit amount. You pay therefore for exactly what you use and once an SMS is bought, it is valid until the day it is used, without any time limit.
(2) Price of SMS's on a sliding scale depending on the quantities purchased.

4. Example

Edith Vista is the Web Manager in her company. She wants to ensure their website functions smoothly at all times, even at night and on weekends when she is not in front of her computer.

1. Applications

Edith ensures the availability of her homepage and a page accessing the database. She chooses to monitor her homepage every 10 minutes and the second page every 20 minutes. Price:$6.49 + $3.29 = $9.78

2. Alert channels or media

In order to receive alerts at any time and place, she chooses SMS alerts confirmed by an email addressed to her deputy. She therefore chooses 2 media. Price: 2 x $1.29 = $2.58

The monthly price for this configuration is: $9.78 + $2.58 = $12.36

3. Notifications

For each SMS sent, 1 SMS credit is deducted from Edith. She has initially bought a supply of 50 credits that are always valid. Therefore she only buys SMS when her supply runs out. Price: $0.26 per SMS for buying 50 SMS

InternetVista®'s pricing policy is that you should only pay for exactly what you need.  And when your needs change over time, you can adapt the selected services at your convenience (by either adding or removing services). There are no setup fees to use our services.

A monitoring subscription for a period of 12 months entitles you to a free 13th month of monitoring.

A tax of 21% (VAT) has to be added for Belgian customers and for any members of the European Union who do not have an intra-Community VAT number.  (Intracommunity VAT governed by art.21 § 3 10° of the Belgian VAT code).

paypalCredit Card: American Express, MasterCard and VisaPayment is made via a secure electronic payment system ( Accepted payment methods are: Paypal, American Express, Visa and Eurocard/MasterCard.

The subscription is renewed on the chosen periodicity basis and the client can end it at any time; the commitment is limited to the ongoing period only.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our prices.

InternetVista is aware of the importance of Internet security. That is why our website is entirely secured: