• 1Your Internet services under high surveillance

    InternetVista is a monitoring service that continuously checks the availability and proper functioning of your web applications (web sites, email servers, database,...) thanks to six monitoring centers distributed around the world. Discover in detail how our service works.

  • 2No more decreases in traffic and resulting loss of turnover

    Thanks to InternetVista®, you will no longer lose visitors or customers because of a breakdown in your web site. As soon as a failure is detected, you will be immediately informed by SMS, e-mail or by notification. Uptime is money!

  • 3Disconnect in peace

    There is life after the Internet. With InternetVista®, you will definitely be informed in case of any breakdown in your web site or in any other Internet service (email server, mySql database,...). You can finally go off on a peaceful weekend or on holidays, and if any problem occurs in your web site, the people selected by you will be informed and they will be able to react at the earliest in order to re-establish the proper functioning of your web site.

  • 4No installation, no tedious configuration

    Our monitoring service of web sites and other Internet applications requires no prior technical knowledge: in less than one minute, you can launch the monitoring of your web site or any other Internet application. Everything is automated and can be easily configured through your browser window.Test InternetVista free for 30 days now.

  • 5Performance reports on your hosting

    Thanks to the numerous measurements carried out by our monitoring platform, statistical reports are established automatically in order to give you a precise view of the performance of your web hosting: rate of availability, uptime, downtime, error types, average response time of your web site,... These performance reports provide invaluable help in identifying the problems of your web ecosystem and correcting them. Here is an example of a report and an example of a report manager.

  • 6Service available on mobile phone

    InternetVista® follows you everywhere, even on your mobile phone. Thanks to the mobile version of the InternetVista site, you can access the main functionalities of our service via your cell phone: consult the status of an monitored application, launch or cancel a monitoring, activate or deactivate an alert channel... The aim of this mobile version is to provide the functionalities that you normally require when you are on the move, and that via extremely light HTML pages.

  • 7Subscription adapted to your needs

    Our philosophy is: you only pay for what you need. No flat-rate subscription that includes more features than you actually need. At any point in time, you can change or cancel your subscription without any administration costs. So there is no long-term commitment necessary on your part. No startup costs (setup costs). Discover in detail how much our service costs and make a price simulation free of engagement.

  • 8A monitoring solution enjoying worldwide recognition

    Referred to in many media, the performance studies carried out by InternetVista bear weight in the community of Internet professionals. Need to be convinced? Read this example of a study quoted by the reference blog TechCrunch.

  • 9Thousands of satisfied customers

    All over the world, professionals are using the InternetVista® monitoring service to monitor their web sites and Internet applications. E-commerce companies, public entities, banks, audiovisual companies: in many industries, customers have expressed confidence in us for many years now.

  • 10A support team that listens to you

    Do you have any questions or problems? Do you need a customized solution? InternetVista® is at your service and is committed to giving you a reply as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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