• 1Personalise your email alerts

    Please select your email format: html or text. Html emails are more user friendly and readable. You can change the format of emails at the level:
    - of your user data for general mails (invoices, newsletters, etc.).
    - of your email media for alerts and reports.

  • 2Check the content of your website

    Check the presence of a matching sentence in your monitored page. It is one thing to have your site always on line, but if the content 'disappears' it amounts to not having a site. internetVista searches for the presence of a matching sentence of your choice in the content of your web page (HTML code) and alerts you when this matching sentence is not found.

  • 3Set maintenance periods

    If you operate regular maintenance or backups, you can define maintenance rules. A maintenance rule relates to a period during which your application is not monitored.
    Click on the "manage maintenance rules" icon to the right of your applications and add a rule.
    Please note: if your maintenance is carried out between 10pm and 2am you must configure 2 rules, the first from 10pm to 11.59pm and the second from midnight to 2am.

  • 4Avoid false positives

    By default, when an error is detected with your site, a counter-check is made. In practical terms, we confirm the error from another monitoring centre 1 minute after the first error. It is only at that time that you will receive an alert in order to avoid sending unimportant alerts.
    You can change the number of attempts before the alert by changing the "number of attempts" field in the advanced configuration of your applications.

  • 5Show your customers that you are using monitoring

    Select a logo matching the colours of your site and do not hesitate to ask us for small modifications to adapt it to your style.

  • 6Monitoring at the right price

    Calculate the cost of your subscription on line using our calculator:  Price simulator

  • 7Flexible monitoring

    Deactivate one of your applications to monitor another. If you wish to monitor another application for some time, you can 'deactivate' one of your current applications to add that which suits you. Click on the 'deactivate' button to the right of your application before adding the new one.
    At any time, you can change your configuration to increase or reduce the number of applications to be monitored.

  • 8Decrease your "downtime"

    Change the frequency of your monitoring in the event of errors: when your site malfunctions you can monitor it more frequently in order to be informed more quickly about the resolution of the defect. Change this frequency in the advanced configuration of your application. This option is offered without additional cost.

  • 9Don't forget to take your monitoring everywhere

    From now on, you can permanently check that your internet applications (website, e-mail server,...) are functioning properly via your mobile, tablet or Smartphone.
    To sign up, just go to the following site www.internetvista.com/mobile and use the log-in/password of your usual InternetVista account.

  • 10You are not alone!

    You can contact our support team using the contact form (contact us) or by email (support@internetVista.com).

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