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How to receive the monitoring alerts in Slack?

If you use Slack, the messaging app for teams (, you can now integrate it with your internetVista monitoring. In practical terms, this integration allows you to directly receive the alert notifications in a Slack channel that you share with your team. Follow these steps to configure Slack with internetVista:

  1. Add a new medium in the internetVista console: [login > media > new media]
  2. Choose a medium of the SLACK type
  3. In the creation form, enter your alias and then click on the button "Add to Slack"
  4. Then in Slack choose the "channel" in which you wish to receive the notifications and authorise the InternetVista application to send you these notifications
  5. Save your new medium
  6. Associate your new media with your applications in line with your needs

Alternative: use the medium internetVista webhook

In Slack:

  1. Login > Home > Integration
  2. Create your own integration: Incoming Webhooks
  3. Define the channel that will receive the internetVista messages
  4. Copy the URL that Slack supplies you with (e.g.:

In internetVista:

  1. Add a media such as URL: Login > Media > New Media
  2. Use the URL that Slack has generated for you
  3. Add the parameter: payload=@SLACK_PAYLOAD@ and make sure that the submit method is effectively the "Post"
  4. Associate your new media with your applications in line with your needs

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