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InternetVista has been active in the monitoring of web sites and Internet services since 2003. Our first customers were Internet professionals, mainly from the e-commerce and banking sectors. Since then, we have gained the confidence and loyalty of thousands of active users from over 100 countries involved in all industry sectors.

You will find in this section a representative selection of our customers. Our website monitoring/surveillance and other Internet services concern all sectors of activity (e-commerce, finance, institutional, service, industrial, etc.) and is used by actors of all sizes (VSEs, SMEs, multi-nationals,...).

Nicolas Finet - SortList
Being present in Belgium, France or the UK through different websites, it is not always easy to properly monitor each of our sites. InternetVista allows us to do it without any worries. Saving us time and especially money!

Nicolas Finet

Co-founder, Sorlist

Vincent Vandegans -
We've been using InternetVista for 3 years now. With 7 million visitors to our sites, it would be unthinkable for us not to monitor our uptime. The alerts always reach us very quickly by e-mail, so that our system administrators can immediately intervene on the sites of the Erowz Group. A service quality that's substantially higher than the competitors.

Vincent Vandegans


Harold Mechelynck - Ogone
We have been using Internetvista since 2006 for monitoring our payment platform. We are extremely satisfied with the services supplied by Internetvista, which has displayed, right from the outset, an excellent quality of service and an ability to evolve its platform, based on our requirements.

Harold Mechelynck

Chief Strategy Officer, Ogone sa

Andre Blavier -
Our Internet services must be examples for all... Consequently, to make sure of their availability and their effectiveness is paramount and business critical; it is why we use the website monitoring of internetVista since 2004.

André Blavier

Head of Communication, ADN

Francois Van Uffelen - Bababelway, made easy B2B integration
InternetVista allows us to permanently check that our entire architecture is functioning correctly from everywhere in the world. The performance reports are true indicators of reliability and the display panels are extremely useful.

François Van Uffelen

CEO, Babelway

Sebastien Delcampe
Clients from the very beginning, we have sinced remained loyal to InternetVista. Our servers' monitoring service gives us an external and reliable overview of our whole system. Our technical teams are warned by sms of the slightest unavailability of our site and can then intervene without delay. InternetVista has become an essential partner in maintaining the quality of our site

Sébastien Delcampe


Herve Bouvet - CEO evidencecube
We are trusting InternetVista for several years: our on-line service and website's availability is essential to our activities. InternetVista allows us to quickly react to problems and the reliability of their service is outstanding.

Hérvé Bouvet


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