Optimise your monitoring 100%:

  1. Learning the internetVista basics
  2. Content monitoring

1. Learning the internetVista basics

All websites run into troubles, whether you manage an ecommerce or a SaaS company, it's just a matter of time before your website faces downtime.

"The sooner you know about it, the faster you can fix it"

Website monitoring tends to be perceived as something technical and not within everyone's reach. The video below explains how to start monitoring your website step by step.

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2. Content monitoring

Availability monitoring (my site is accessible or not, it is up or down) is crucial, but it is not enough... After all, what happens if your content is not relevant or if your site is not working properly?

To avoid this kind of inconvenience and make the most of your monitoring, we strongly recommend using "content monitoring". As soon as a problem arises in relation to your content, you are the first to know. This monitoring allows you to know that at any time that your site is working as it should be.

The following videos show you how to set up content monitoring by using the key phrase mechanism .

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