How it works?

1. Automatic monitoring

The proper functioning of your website (or your Internet services in general) is checked successively from our monitoring centres located around the world.

2. As an internet surfer

This check, which is repeated at the frequency of your choice (between 1 and 60 minutes), simulates a web surfer's visit because it is performed from outside the IT system hosting your website.

3. To be alerted immediately

If your website does not respond as it should, another monitoring centre checks your site after one minute. If the error is confirmed, emails and SMS are sent immediately to the contacts you have defined. The messages sent indicate, in particular, the cause of the problem. This double check protects you from false alarms - that is, unimportant interconnection problems.

In the same way, you can have emails and SMS sent when the error is resolved.

4. From the entire world

The monitoring centres are located in the United States, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

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