Alerts by email, sms, Slack, iphone notification,...

In case of malfunction of one of your applications being monitored, you are immediately alerted by internetVista® so as to enable you to react as quickly as possible.

The means of alert available as of today are email, sending an sms or a text to a cell phone, sending a message via Slack. These are the most used media or means of alert, but we also offer Webhook type alerts, which will enable you to automate the actions to be taken if a problem is detected, in case of an alert. In fact, in case of alert, the internetVista platform will automatically call a URL that you have provided us. All the information (parameters) will be provided to the URL so that you can identify the actions to be taken.

Finally, an RSS feed updated in real time with the alerts is also available.

In case of alert, the messages sent include information that makes it possible to identify the cause of the problem.

In addition to being alerted in case of a problem, you can also choose to be alerted when the error is resolved.

Thus, be the first to be alerted in case of problems!

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