Guarantee your customers uninterrupted availability

Since 2003, internetVista has been continuously monitoring your website and Internet services by simulating a visit or a user path from a customer and prospect perspective.

Monitoring your website

Continuously check the availability of all your web services thanks to our monitoring centres around the world.

Real-time alerts 24/7

Be the first to be alerted as soon as an anomaly is detected and proven via various alert channels (email, SMS, Slack, etc.).

Performance reports

Quickly identify which of your web services are underperforming in terms of speed and availability with our detailed performance reports.

Scenario monitoring

Simulate, monitor and optimise your visitors' path through your website by putting your key pages under monitoring (contact form, purchase process, login, api, etc.).
No more traffic slumps and the resulting turnover losses, availability is money!

An inaccessible server or a website that does not respond can cost you a lot of money. It can not only damage your image but also generate losses. These unavailabilities mean reduced traffic, leads or sales in the case of e-commerce.
Not to mention the fact that repeated failures affect your referencing (SEO) and your Adwords campaigns (SEA) resulting in a lower ranking in the search tools. internetVista allows you to avoid these negative impacts by monitoring the availability of all your web or Internet services everywhere and at all times. You will be the first to be alerted by SMS, Slack, email... as soon as a failure or an error is detected. Uptime is money!

Whether it's a quotation request on your website, a contact form or an e-commerce transaction... nothing is more frustrating for a visitor than being faced with a form or a page that doesn't work or that is loading slow. And for the company, this means a guaranteed loss of income.
Through scenario monitoring or transactional monitoring, internetVista monitors the key forms of your site as well as the crucial user paths. internetVista ensures their availability 24/7.

Complete monitoring for your digital services

The key is to offer seamless digital services for your visitors, customers or partners. To help you in this quest, internetVista offers you a simple, efficient and very comprehensive monitoring solution. Below you will find some of the main features:

Nothing to install, nothing to develop

With our cloud-based monitoring solution, you can start monitoring your website or any other Internet application in under a minute.

Assistance at the end of the line

Do you have any questions or problems? Do you need a tailor-made solution? We are at your service and waiting for your call. Don't hesitate to ask us for any help.

100% reliable

Thanks to our distributed platform, all errors are double checked before sending the alerts, thus avoiding false alarms.

Managing your monitoring

Easily access and manage your monitoring subscription via our multi-user web application, mobile apps or Rest API

Monitoring of all your Web services

Monitor all your digital services: web site, user path, API, Web services, email servers or more technical services (TCP, UDP, PING, MYSQL, DNS)

Performance reports

Discover and analyse the essential information (KPI) of your web services at any time: uptime, response time, error duration, number of failures, etc.

Monitoring user paths

Your visitors do not remain static on your site, it is important to simulate and monitor their paths and their actions using transactional monitoring or scenario monitoring.

Real time alerts

Be the first to be alerted when problems arise! As soon as a problem is detected, receive your alerts by emails, SMS, Android or Iphone notifications, Slack or webhooks.

Our integrations

In order to track your performance or receive your alerts, we offer a number of integrations with tools that are familiar to you. We also offer full integration via our API.


Our customers, our best ambassadors

Nicolas Finet - SortList
Being present in Belgium, France or the UK through different websites, it is not always easy to properly monitor each of our sites. InternetVista allows us to do it without any worries. Saving us time and especially money!
Héloïse D.
"Our Internet services must be examples for everyone ... Ensuring their availability and efficiency is paramount, which is why we use internetVista monitoring."
Harold M.
"We've been using internetVista since 2006 to monitor our payment platform. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by internetVista."

Check out our plans from:  1.96€ $2.73  /month

Our price model is based on the principle: you only pay for what you need. So we have a completely customizable rate plan to suit your needs. Here are some examples of typical configurations of our customers:
Webmaster & SME
4.60€ $6.25  /month
Frequency15 min.
E-commerce & Web Professional
19.08€ $25.68  /month
Frequency10 min.
Enterprise & Web Agencies
58.15€ $78.50  /month
Frequency10 min.
Expert User
from 1.96€$2.73 /month
Frequency1 to 60 min.

Features included in all our plans:

Enjoy 30 days free trial, valid on all our plans.
No setup costs
Support 24/7
Multilingual platform
Nothing to install
Change plan at any time
Access to the API
Mobile applications
Multi user
Transactional monitoring

21 years
of monitoring
Monitored applications
Satisfied users
Alerts sent per day
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