Monitoring report -

In this section, you will find an example of a performance report. This report contains the basic information generated by the monitoring of an application by internetVista. The most important information is UPTIME and RESPONSE TIME. These reports are available at any time on our SaaS website monitoring platform.

Descriptive summary    Full report in PDF format

Start date 01 Jun 2017 00:00:00
End date 30 Jun 2017 23:59:59
% up 99.947 %
% down 0.053 %
Time on error 23 minutes
Time on success 29 days 23 hours 37 minutes
Average response time 0.385 second
Highest response time 35.127 seconds
Lowest response time 0.036 second
Number of checks 42960
Number of successes 42937
Number of errors 23

Availability report

This graph summarizes the percentage of uptime for this application over the current period.

Error type report

This graph summarizes the error repartition found during the period.
For all error type, a description can be found in the I.V. manager at the following url: What are the possible errors during the monitoring?

Response time report

This graph shows the daily average response time in milliseconds for each day. The graphic also shows the average response time for the period analysed.

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