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Check the performance of your site thanks to our 6 monitoring centres now.


Monitoring your Internet ecosystem

InternetVista® is a monitoring service company, specializing in the monitoring of Internet applications: website, web server (apache, Microsoft IIS,...), e-mail server, mySql database, firewall, DNS server, SOAP service, API...

InternetVista® checks the availability of your website and warns you immediately by email, SMS or Twitter if a breakdown or malfunction is detected. No more traffic or revenue loss: thanks to InternetVista, your site will always be kept under strict surveillance.

InternetVista® monitors your website thanks to several monitoring centres all over the world (USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands). Depending on the checking frequency specified by you, each centre simulates a visit to your website like an Internet user or partner would do. Nothing to install, nothing to develop: in less than one minute, you can launch the monitoring of your website or your other Internet services.

Based on its regular measures, InternetVista® also issues performance reports, which indicate the good health of your website: response time, uptime/downtime,...

Thanks to this external monitoring (in SaaS mode) and these performance statistics, you can follow the quality of your website hosting and IT infrastructure on a day to day basis. A truly customised control panel.

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