What do I need to monitor?

Would you like to monitor your critical applications? As a result of our experience, we advise you to monitor:

  1. Your home page: this is the window on your company and forms an integral part of your communication.
  2. A page accessing your external resources (database, application servers etc.) this enables you to test that the site and its resources are working correctly. Example: monitoring of a 'product page' generated from a database enables you to check the operation of your web server but also your database.
  3. Your forms: to check that your form submissions such as booking forms, contact forms, login and search forms are working correctly.
  4. A complex web scenario (purchase on an e-commerce site, for example).
  5. Your email services: today 72% of a company's mail is sent by email, it is therefore useful to monitor your mail servers (pop and/or SMTP).

internetVista® your monitoring service allows you to monitor much more than Internet sites.

  1. Monitoring of your 'FTP' file transfer server.
  2. For routers, firewalls, various servers, webcams etc., you can use our 'PING' monitoring which sends a request to your server in order to check its status (no connection, loss of packets, etc).
  3. Your 'DNS' server: monitor its operation by checking the 'DNS' query result.
  4. And finally to monitor all other applications connected to the internet you can use the 'TCP' protocol.
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