How to open an Internet monitoring account with internetVista?

To open a monitoring account, you only need to register on our site or contact us directly.

How do I upgrade my account?

Upgrade from your evaluation account to a professional monitoring account simply via your account configuration module:

For how long do we commit ourselves?

What is the duration of a monitoring subscription?

Why internetVista?

internetVista® has been a player in the Internet monitoring services industry since 2003. Monitoring is the principal and exclusive activity of our company so as to meet your monitoring requirements in the best possible manner.

My evaluation period is expiring, what should I do?

When the evaluation period of our monitoring service has expired, in order to keep your website monitoring and other Internet services uninterrupted, you need to configure your account via our website, which allows you to manage your monitoring subscription:

How do I show my customers that I am using website monitoring?

The quality of the service that you offer to your customers depends on the maximum availability of your website. It is this search for quality that made you call upon internetVista® monitoring service. Consequently, you may find it essential to inform your customers of the efforts that you are putting in to ensure this quality of service.

My requirements change with time, how can I modify my subscription?

Nothing easier than that, the flexibility of the internetVista model allows you to modify the configuration of your subscription at any time: you can always increase or decrease the checking frequency and/or the periodicity of your subscription.

How do I configure my account?

You can configure your account in the manager with the help of a configuration wizard:

Can I trust internetVista?

internetVista is a trustworthy company. Thousands of customers experience that every day.

Is my data protected?

internetVista® ensures the protection of your data. First of all, protection of your personal data: InternetVista undertakes to comply with the law of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy within the scope of processing of personal data. You can consult and modify your personal data via the manager.
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