SSL certificate monitoring (https)

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate consists of data that links a cryptographic key to the information of an organisation or company. Installed on a server, the certificate activates the security of the information exchanged between the web server and the browser. The user then sees a padlock in the address bar indicating that the connection is secure.

SSL certificates digitally bind:

  • A domain name, a server name and a host name.
  • The identity of the organisation (company name) and the location.

The organisation must install the SSL certificate on its web server. This installation allows secure sessions to be launched with browsers. Once the secure connection is established, all traffic between the server and the browser will be secure.

Once the certificate is properly installed on the server, the HTTP protocol becomes HTTPs, with the 'S' standing for secure.

Make sure your certificate has not expired

Each certificate has a lifetime, i.e. a validity period. To know the validity, the certificate provider adds an expiration date to the SSL certificate it has provided to you.

It is therefore essential and important to monitor this date and renew your certificate on time. To make sure you don't forget, internetVista provides you with this service: every time we check your website, we verify the validity of your certificate.

As soon as your certificate has expired, you will be alerted.

As prevention is the best way to avoid downtime, internetVista offers to send you an alert X days before it expires. When defining your applications to be monitored, you can choose the number of days from which you want to be warned.

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Why install an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates protect all information exchanged such as credit card information or login information. They also make it possible to:

  • Secure data between servers
  • Improve your positioning on Google and in search engines
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Improve conversion rates on your sites

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