Uptime of your monitored services

internetVista® monitoring checks the proper functioning of your Internet services (web sites, email servers, mySql database,...) at regular intervals. Based on these recurring and regular checks and on the resulting measures, performance reports are drawn up so that you can be aware of the performance of your services on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

Help in identifying breakdowns

Thanks to the monitoring of web sites and other Internet services (email servers, mySql server, FTP servers, DNS servers,...) you will be notified immediately in case of faulty performance of your services. Alerts are sent to you by email, SMS, Slack or via a Webhook call which allows automation of a reaction following a failure.

Analysis of the response time of your servers

internetVista® monitoring produces performance reports based on the measures taken during the numerous checks carried out each day at the desired frequency. The performance reports can be daily, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even annual.

Data export options

The internetVista® website monitoring platform regularly checks the smooth functioning of your Internet services. Each check is saved in our system for a certain period of time and you can export this raw data in the CSV format.

Performance reports online or via email

Our monitoring platform for Internet services (web sites, email servers, mySql databases,...) checks the proper functioning of your services at regular intervals and informs you immediately in case of any improper functioning or breakdown of your web site or other Internet services.

Access to performance reports through API

Based on the many checks performed by our monitoring centers, we draw up performance reports of your web services that are being monitored.

Retention of your monitoring data

The monitoring data obtained by our monitoring centers are consolidated on a per day basis, in order to generate performance reports which are sent to you by email and which are also available via the management application of your subscription which offers a report manager. These performance reports are stored for life and are accessible at any time.
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