Checking the downloaded content

In the framework of web site monitoring, the following operations shall be carried out during each check:

  • DNS resolution of the web site domain name in an IP address
  • Connection to the physical server that hosts the web site
  • Connection to the web server (apache, IIS, etc.), that functions on the physical server
  • Querying the web server in order to obtain the status of your web site
  • Downloading of the page being monitored
  • Checking the downloaded content

Checking the downloaded content is the last operation that is performed, when the preceding stages have all been passed successfully.

This operation allows you to go a step further in monitoring the proper functioning of your web site because it enables you to define a phrase that your downloaded page must absolutely contain or, on the contrary, should not contain. If the rule that you have defined at the content level is not respected, you will be informed through the alert mechanism.

This content check is very efficient and very powerful for verifying, for example:

  • that your page has not been pirated
  • that a product reference is still present in your catalogue
  • that a database error does not appear in your page
  • that an external resource functions correctly
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