Prevent breakdowns on your website

No more traffic loss

Thanks to InternetVista, your web site or your blog is placed under high surveillance 24 hours a day. If any breakdown is detected, you will be informed immediately by e-mail, SMS or Slack. You can finally set your mind at ease when you disconnect!

Customised performance reports

InternetVista provides you with customized performance statistics: unavailability time, uptime/downtime, error types... A true control panel that indicates the health status of your web site or your blog in real time.

InternetVista evolves along with your needs

Everything can be easily configured on InternetVista: types of applications to be monitored (site, e-mail...), number of applications being monitored, frequency of checks... InternetVista adapts itself to your own needs and it does not require any installation on the server of your site or blog.
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