Help in identifying breakdowns

Thanks to the monitoring of web sites and other Internet services (email servers, mySql server, FTP servers, DNS servers,...) you will be notified immediately in case of faulty performance of your services. Alerts are sent to you by email, SMS, Slack or via a Webhook call which allows automation of a reaction following a failure.

In order to help you make the best diagnosis of the failures or breakdowns which occur in your monitored services, we provide numerous aids:

  • The error type is indicated in the alert that you receive. This allows you to already identify the cause of the error.
  • When there is a connectivity error, a "traceroute" is automatically taken by our monitoring centers and is sent to you by email or is made available online. The traceroute is a tool that enables the identification of problematic routers.
  • In the case of monitoring web sites, when we managed to download a page originating from your web server and the error occurred afterwards, the downloaded page is made available online. As it comes from the problematic web server, it often bears a lot of information on the cause of the problem.
  • Finally, we propose a breakdown of the monitoring of your services into key stages, which are, for example, the DNS resolution time or the time taken by the various redirects. This breakdown makes it possible to identify the problematic stage in the monitoring. For example, when the server does not respond:
    Monitoring response time details
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