Monitoring of complex web scenarios

Transaction monitoring, also known as web scenario monitoring, makes it possible to check a process that takes place over many pages on a web site. For example, this monitoring makes it possible to check the performance of a search process, a purchase process or even a registration process on an e-commerce site.

Therefore, this type of monitoring makes it possible to check the availability of a given scenario within your web site. A web scenario is composed of a succession of web pages which one accesses one after the other and where each stage of the process depends on the proper functioning of the preceding stages and the data which were provided.

Transaction monitoring correctly manages the sessions and cookies, and allows you to simulate the submission of data forms or even the navigation via hyperlinks.

Scenario monitoring will be regarded as a success if all the stages are a success. In case of an error, this monitoring will enable you to directly identify the problematic stage and to be informed about the cause of the problem. Moreover, you will be able to know the response times of each stage by consulting the detailed data of the checks via the manager.

This monitoring tool is an absolute must for professional sites. Many e-traders use it for monitoring the order process in their online stores.

For the transactional monitoring (monitoring of web scenario), the monthly price is based on number of scenario steps, each step consumes one "application credit".

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