How do I diagnose my error?

internetVista® detected an error in your application (website, mail server,...); what error does it involve, how do I detect what is wrong?

While detecting an error, our verification engines provide an error status, which will allow you to identify relatively precisely the type of error involved: page not found (404), no response,... These statuses are visible in the list of applications or in the alert list. For the sake of clarity, error statuses are indicated in red, whereas success statuses are indicated in green.

You will find the complete list of internetVista statuses in the FAQ of our website.

Here are a few very frequent errors and their explanation:

  • Matching error sentence: internetVista checks the presence of a matching sentence of your choice in the content of your web page (HTML code) and alerts your if this matching sentence is not found.
  • No response: internetvista did not succeed in downloading the desired page. This situation may arise after various events: timeout, server not responding,... Detailed information regarding a verification can give an indication on the source of the error: server connection error, web service connection error, request timed out,...
  • Host unknown: This generally concerns a problem with the DNS server linked to your domain name (authoritative DNS server). Pay attention that when you make a DNS modification, the propagation of this modification may take some time (defined by the TTL at the level of your DNS configuration). This time can sometimes be 48 hours and consequently, your service may be impacted during this time lag.

If an error is detected, but not confirmed by another monitoring centre; then this error is considered as a "warning" and no alert is sent.

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