Possibility of defining maintenance periods

For each one of your monitored services, you can define maintenance periods during which the internetVista® monitoring will be suspended. Usually, when you perform maintenance operations that have been scheduled in advance, you do not want alerts to be sent, because the breakdown of your monitored web site or service is planned and controlled by your technical team.

You can define recurring or non-recurring maintenance rules. An example of a recurring maintenance period is "every Monday from 23H00 to 23H30" while an example of a non-recurring rule is "Monday, 1st May 2010 between 22H00 and 22H30".

The monitoring of your service does not take place during the entire duration of the scheduled maintenance and you are therefore not alerted. However, if at the end of the maintenance period, the service under monitoring does not function properly, the alert mechanism functions once again and you will be alerted.

In the same way, you can also define maintenance periods for your media. This mechanism makes it possible for the monitoring to be normally maintained, but on the other hand, the media that you have defined as being under maintenance, is not alerted. For example, you can decide that every night, your mobile phone should be under maintenance from 23H00 to 06H00 but that email alerts should however be maintained 24 hours a day.

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