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What are the IP addresses of the internetVista monitoring centres?

These IP addresses can be useful to you to conveniently configure your firewall or infrastructure so that the monitoring takes place properly.

Here is the list of monitoring centers and their IP addresses:

Alias IPv4 address IPv6 address
Amsterdam/Netherlands 2001:1af8:4100:a066:4:0:0:0
Lausanne/Switzerland 2a03:2040:0:207:0:0:0:42
Reims/France 2a00:c70:1:178:170:62:47:1
Montreal/Canada 2607:5300:61:54:0:0:0:1
Brussels/Belgium 2a00:1528:be80:2:0:0:0:2
London/UK 2001:41d0:800:296:0:0:0:0
Munich/Germany 2a01:4f8:120:92c3:0:0:0:2
New York/USA 2605:9f80:c000:88:0:0:0:2
Roubaix/France 2001:41d0:8:cbb7:0:0:0:1
If you wish to obtain the IP addresses in text format, you can use the following 2 URLs:



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