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What is an application?

In our terminology, an application is an element that being monitored. This may be a URL, an email server, a DNS server or even a mySql database.

For example, if you wish to monitor your website, the application will be the URL of the page to be checked. On the internetVista® platform, you then define an HTTP application.

internetVista® supports monitoring of the major server types found on the Internet:

  • your servers (PING)
  • your web servers (HTTP)
  • your secured web servers (HTTPS)
  • your database servers (MySQL)
  • your mail servers (SMTP, IMAP and POP)
  • your file servers (FTP)
  • your domain name servers (DNS)
  • your services based directly on TCP and UDP
  • your web scenarios, e.g. a procurement procedure

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