How do I renew my website monitoring subscription?

In principle, your internetVista monitoring subscription is renewed automatically on its expiry date. If you pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American-Express), our system requests you for an authorization to auto-debit your subscription amount in the future. You are free to deny this authorization; in this case, your subscription will not be renewed automatically.

In case there is a problem during the automatic renewal of your monitoring subscription, you will receive an email, which will explain how to renew your subscription manually. That is the case, for example, if the credit card linked to your account has expired.

If your subscription is paid through a payment system like PayPal, you receive an email a few days prior to the expiry of your subscription, which explains how you can renew your subscription.

  1. Connection to the internet site
  2. "Account" menu
  3. Click on the "renew account" button and follow the instructions.

If you have a problem with your payment card, contact us so that we can, together, take the necessary actions so as to avoid the suspension of your monitoring service.

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