Uptime of your monitored services

internetVista® monitoring checks the proper functioning of your Internet services (web sites, email servers, mySql database,...) at regular intervals. Based on these recurring and regular checks and on the resulting measures, performance reports are drawn up so that you can be aware of the performance of your services on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

The performed checks allow you to identify the response time of your services as well as the latter's rate of availability. The rate of availability of your services, also known as the uptime of your Internet services, is crucial information, because it reflects the time during which your service is available to visitors. A contrario, the rate of unavailability makes it possible to know the time during which your services are unavailable to visitors.

Do you have a web site and do you want to make it available and accessible to your visitors 24 hours a day? Thanks to internetVista® monitoring, you can know the exact rate of availability and you can quickly act upon this information if this rate does not meet your criteria.

For your information, a 99 % uptime corresponds to:

  • more than 100 minutes of unavailability in a week
  • more than 7 hours of unavailability in a month
  • more than 87 hours of non presence in a year
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