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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


If your website is not available or your page is not found, the server will indicate a 404 error which refers to a http standard response code. When a user tries to access to web page with a broken or dead link, the website hosting server will generate a "404 error" or "not found" message on this particular page.

The main issue with this 404 error is that, it provides a bad user experience to your visitors. Indeed, it will reflect a negative imageto your visitors as you will be seen as unprofessional and not credible. In addition to the image impact, which leads to income losses, it also damages your SEO. The user experience is an integral part of Google algorithm, which means that your ranking will be low if your website is not available due to an error 404.

There is a quick and simple solution to avoid a HTTP 404 error: website monitoring. You will be automatically notified as soon as a customer encounters a 404 HTTP error on your website.

internetVista is a website monitoring infrastructure which checks the availability of your Internet services 24/7 and detects anomalies within your Internet services (server, database, ...).

Here is why you should get started:

  • Immediate activation and configuration of your website monitoring
  • Website monitoring from multiple check points throughout Europe and USA
  • Real-time alerts via SMS and email when a 404 error is detected
  • Get valuable data through performance reports (response time, down/uptime...)

There is nothing to install, internetVista operates as a SaaS (Software As A Service).

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first good impression. Don't let a 404 error kill your image and credibility!

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