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The File Transfer Protocol (FTP), is a standard network used to transfer computer files.

Are you using the FTP protocol on a daily basis to transfer your files to your customers or suppliers? Then you absolutely need to put your FTP server under monitoring! Indeed, most of the major companies use the FTP monitoring in order to make sure their server is up and well running.

internetVista, is a monitoring infrastructure, which enables you to monitor your FTP server availability 24/7. Your FTP server is monitored thanks to 7 monitoring centres scattered around the world, mainly in Europe and USA. You do not have to install anything since our FTP server monitoring operates on ASP mode, unlike the other tools available on the market which require a software installation and configuration

Here are some features of our service:

  • Immediate configuration and activation of your FTP server monitoring
  • Nothing to installl, your FTP monitoring is done through an ASP (not a software)
  • FTP monitoring is done from multiple monitoring centers in US and Europe
  • Valuable data through performance reports

internetVista operates on SaaS mode (Software As A Service), therefore no software installation is required. Our monitoring also allows the following protocols:: http, https, ftp, dns, tcp, ping.

Set your FTP server under monitoring for FREE today during 30 days (no credit card required). Don't put your business at risk or in stand-by due to a server breakdown or unavailability!

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