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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Have you thought about launching a new email marketing campaign anytime soon? Regardless the time and money invested to optimize your email campaign, have you considered the worst scenario? What if your email server goes down during the campaign? This is the worst thing that could happen because neither you will be able to reach your target but you will not even be able to analyze your campaign in order to understand if it was effective or not. You might even miss important emails whether it be from potential customers or your clients who need technical assistance. In both situations, this will lead to a loss of credibility and revenues.

Prevent yourself from email server breakdown and monitor your email server 24/7. You will directly be alerted via email, SMS and push notifications if your email server is down. This will allow you to take the appropriate action to fix the issue and make sure that your email marketing campaign is safe.

internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure that watches over your email server 24/7. If your email server is unavailable or malfunctioning, our monitoring service notifies you immediately via SMS, email, twitter and push notifications.

Here are some features of our service:

  • Immediate activation and configuration (nothing to install)
  • Email server monitoringfrom multiple check points throughout Europe and USA
  • Real-time alerts via SMS, email, push notifications
  • Get valuable data thanks to our performance report (response time, up/down time, ...)

internetVista supports both SMTP & POP protocols for email server monitoring but you can also monitor protocols such as: http, https, ftp, dns, tcp, ping.

Don't let a server breakdown kill your marketing campaigns!

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