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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Everyone has landed at least once on a website unavailable, right? A website not available, a slow loading page, a contact form that doesn't submit... Even the biggest websites such as Google, Amazon or Apple have already been hit by a server failure or an unavailability. The major failures can come from a network issue, an anomaly within your IP services or even from a hardware breakdown. You must prevent yourself from this kind of failure in order to maintain an optimal web experience to your users. If you don't, your company will be seen as unprofessional and not reliable from an outside point of view which leads to a loss of revenues.

Nevertheless, there is a simple solution: the website monitoring. Indeed, thanks to internetVista monitoring, you will be the first to know when your website or server is down. Real-time alerts are sent via email, SMS, Twitter or push notifications. Once you are notified, you can act and take the right actions in order to fix your website issue.

internetVista is monitoring web infrastructure which watches over your web site 24/7 and detects any anomalies within your internet services (server breakdown, corrupted database, ...).

internetVista monitoring enables you to:

  • Check your web server on a regular basis (ex: every 5 min)
  • Detects any anomalies (server failure, corrupted database, ...)
  • Be directly alerted via email, SMS or push notifications
  • Receive performance reports (Up/Downtime, response time, ...)

internetVista operates on a SaaS mode (Software As A Service) which means in other words that there is no software to install or to configure. Many protocols are available such as: http, https, ftp, dns, tcp, ping.

Don't let a server breakdown ruins all of your business efforts!

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