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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


One thing every website holder have in common: they all focus on an optimal user experience in order to boost their sales. But do you know what's the best way to kill or ruin the user experience? A site down! There is nothing more frustrating from a user perspective than not finding the information searched. Actually, it reflects an unprofessional and negative image from your company. In hence, it also leads to income losses! The solution to prevent yourself from those image and financial damages is using a network monitoring tool.

internetVista is a website monitoring service infrastructure which monitors your website 24/24 and send you real-time alerts via email, SMS and push notifications. The availability checks are executed via 7 monitoring centers scattered throughout the world.

Here are some of our features:

  • Monitor your site speed and availability (every 5 minutes for example)
  • Send you real-time alerts via email, SMS, Twitter and push notifications
  • Provide insightful data via performance reports (response time, up/downtime)

internetVista operates as a real-time SaaS (Software As A Service), you don't have to download or configure a software as your monitoring is accessible via the web! Many protocols available: http, https, ftp, dns, tcp, ping, pop, smtp.

Prevent your site from downtime, deliver the best web experience to your users!

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