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The SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an internet standard for electronic email transmission from one server to another. In short, It enables you to send and receive email from and to the outside.

In today's world, most of the day to day operation from a company use emails: the customer service department which receives and answers to customer queries, the sales team for prospecting and following-up leads but also the internal communication within the company.

How are you supposed to keep doing business if your email server is down?If someone can't reach your company, this will reflects a credibility towards your customers but also a loss in terms of potential revenues!

Start the SMTP monitoring and make sure that your email server is always up! Be the first to be alerted via email, SMS, Twitter, Webhook, ... as soon as an anomaly is detected within your SMTP server. The uptime server monitoring is done thanks to our multiple check locations in Europe, USA and Canada! internetVista is a web monitoring solution that watches over all of your internet services (website, server, database, ...).

Here is why you should get started:

  • Monitor your email server availability (SMTP, POP, TCP)
  • Get real-time alerts (email, SMS, Twitter) when an anomaly is detected
  • Analyze your email server performance via our reports (uptime, availability, ...)

Don't let a server unavailability ruins your image towards the outside world!

Start monitoring your SMTP server for FREE during 30 days!

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