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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Nagios is a monitoring software which enables you to be alerted in case of network failure. It has the ability to watch over the network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP), host resources. This internal monitoring service alerts you as soon as your (internal) network goes down and this, right before your manager or clients notice it. Indeed, Nagios or any other internal monitoring services are powerful and reliable when it comes to detect a network error.... but from an internal point of view. internetVista's monitoring will also look at the bigger picture, from the outside world point of view.

Unlike Nagios will tell you that everything runs well, the external monitoring will act as a double check and alert you if there is indeed a network failure from your outside environment. This could be for all kind of errors or failure: domain name resolution, peering, internet connection or a firewall wrongly set-up.

In order to keep your investment safe, there is a complementary solution to comes with Nagios (or any other monitoring software): the external monitoring from internetVista. Internal monitoring is sure indeed important but adding an external monitoring on your internet services, will insure that your staff, customers or partners have always access to your platform. Moreover, internetVista's monitoring operates as a real SaaS (Software As A Service), you have therefore nothing to develop or download on your end.

internetVista is a monitoring infrastructure that watches over your website and internet services availability 24/7. internetVista will alert you via email, SMS and push notifications as soon as an anomaly is detected within your internet services (web, database, email, ftp, server,...).

Our service will allow you to:

  • Monitor your web services on a regular basis (every 5 minutes for example)
  • Detect any anomalies (server failure, database issue, ...)
  • Be alerted via email, SMS and push notifications ...
  • Receive valuable insights through performance reports (response time, Up/Downtime,...)

Ensure your network availability as well on internal as external point of view.

Make the most out of your monitoring thanks internetVista monitoring!

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