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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Doing business online is not an easy thing, we have to focus more and more on how to interact and convinced people to buy from us through different ways. One of the most important thing is making sure that the user will find what he searches for... but what happens if your website is down? Site uptime is crucial and it's quiet impossible to know when your website could suffer from this issue. In fact, if your website is not available or down, you reflect a bad image to your customers, which will think twice before coming back. Result is: you'll loose money!

Prevent yourself from outages on your website, start monitoring and make sure your site uptime is at its maximum! Be immediately alerted when it goes down in order to take the appropriate action to fix the issue. Your website is checked from 7 different check locations in Europe and USA. internetVista operates as a real SaaS (Software As A Service), you don't need to install anything to get started! All you need to is subscribing.

Here is why you should get started:

  • Monitor your website to ensure an optimal site uptime
  • Get real-time alerts via email, SMS, push notifications, Twitter
  • Benefit from insightful data via performance reports (response time, up/downtime)

Many protocols available: http, https, ftp, dns, pop, smtp, tcp, ping. Are you up to start your monitoring? Start today!

Time is money!

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