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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Even the biggest websites on the internet have faced at least once a server outage or breakdown, their website can be down! The main issues can come from a network failure, a server crash or even a hardware breakdown.

There is a quick and simple solution to prevent yourself from this server outage: server monitoring! internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure which monitors your server availability 24/7 thanks to multiple check locations scattered in Europe, USA and Canada. Our service enables you to detects any anomalies within all of your web services (website, database, server, ...). Real-time alerts are sent via email, SMS, webhook, Twitter and push notifications (Android and IOS).

Here are some reasons why you should get started:

  • Test and check your server availability 24/7
  • Detects any anomalies within your server (failure, breakdown, ...)
  • Be the first to know when it goes down (via email, SMS, twitter, ...)
  • Analyze your server performance through reports (uptime, speed, ...)

In addition to our server monitoring (ping, tcp, udp), many other protocols are available such as: http, https, ftp, imap, pop, dns, MySQL and many more!

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