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Black Friday is an event that takes place on the third week-end of November just right after thanksgiving. Retailers generally takes advantage of this day to boost their sales through big discounts. Black Friday is very popular in USA, online shoppers spent around 4.45 Billion dollars on Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Eventhough, it is less the case in Europe, some online retailers offer great deals such as Amazon, Cdiscount and Rue Du Commerce during 24 hours. You will understand that the traffic and sales generated on that day are huge! Could you imagine how much money you'd lose if your ecommerce website is down on that day? You don't want to even think about it!

Put your ecommerce website under monitoring in order to make sure to be the first to be alerted (before your customers) when your website is not available. internetVista enables you to check and verify your website performance (availability, load time, ...) thanks to multiple check locations scattered around Europe and USA. Real-time alerts are sent via email, SMS, Twitter PM, Slack and Webhook as soon as an error or an anomaly is detected within your ecommerce website.

It is crucial for an ecommerce website to monitor key pages such as:

  • Home page
  • Sponsored links (through Adwords, Facebook Ads, ...)
  • Products pages (most popular, most sold, ...)

  • Thanks to internetVista website monitoring, you'll be able to:

    • Monitor your website availability 24/7
    • Test and verify your website from all around the world (Europe/USA)
    • Be directly notified when you website is down
    • Discover your website performance (speed, uptime/downtime %, ...)

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