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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


Microsoft exchange server is a groupware for email is a mail server created by Microsoft. This mail server is highly used in the B2B sector as it has been created for mail, calendar, contacts and tasks management.

But what if your exchange email from Microsoft is down? Well, when your email exchange is unavailable or malfunctioning, you may miss important emails whether it be from prospects or your clients who need technical assistance. In both situations, this will lead to a loss of credibility and revenues. Nevertheless, you can avoid those scenarios thanks to an email exchange monitoring.

internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure that watches over your email 24/7. If your email is unavailable or malfunctioning, our monitoring service notifies you immediately via SMS.

Here are some features of our service:

  • Immediate activation of your email exchange monitoring after subscription
  • Nothing to install, your monitoring is available through the web
  • Real-time alerts via email, SMS and push notifications

internetVista supports both SMTP & POP protocols for email exchange monitoring but you can also monitor protocols such as: http, https, ftp, dns, tcp, ping.

Be alerted as soon as your email is down!

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