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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


If you build your own website or run a business activity on internet, you are in best position to know the importance of performing server always available. Many host providers promise you a server uptime of 99%.... but what about the 1% left? How big would be the impact on your business if you are not alerted in due time? One solution: web server monitoring.

The web server monitoring is an external monitoring technique that watches over your internet services. It enables you to be the first to know when a failure is detected within your server. internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure which monitors all of your web and internet services (website, server, database, ...) 24/7. If your web server is not available, you will be directly alerted and notified via email and SMS. There is no software to install or configure as internetVista operates as a real SaaS (Software As A service).

Here are some of our features:

  • Immediate activation after subscription
  • Web server monitoring on a regular basis (every 5 minutes for example)
  • Alerts via email, SMS, push notifications, Twitter
  • Performing reports (average response time, up/downtime)

In addition to server monitoring, other protocols are also available such as: http, https, dns, smtp, pop, tcp, ping

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