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MySQL database is the most popular open source database thanks to its high reliability, performance and its ease of use. Nowadays, most of the biggest and fastest growing companies such as Google, Lafarge, EADS, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia and Youtube reduce significantly their costs by using MysQL database. They use this solution for their website, their critical applications or even integrate into their own internal tools. But how big would be the impact if your database was down?

Do you hold a dynamic and responsive website relying on a database? Well that's great but you have to make sure that your database is safe and always available! internetVista has the solution: MySQL database monitoring. This database monitoring is much more than a simple PING to a database port. Indeed, this monitoring enables you to make a connection with a specific database, with an user that you previously chose, to execute your SQL request and verify the matching result with your request.

You will understand that it is crucial to put your MySQL database under monitoring in order to protect your investment. MySQL monitoring enables you to check at any time all of your internet services and your DB MySQL availability. In addition to that, internetVista's monitoring operates as a real SaaS (Software As A service), which means that you don't need to install any software as everything is accessible through the web.

internetVista is a monitoring infrastructure that watches over your website and internet services availability 24/7. internetVista will alert you via email, SMS and push notifications as soon as an anomaly is detected within your internet services (web, database, email, ftp, server,...).

Our service enables you to:

  • Monitor your MySQL database availability on a regular basis (every 5 minutes for example)
  • Detect any anomalies (server breakdown, database hacked,..)
  • Get real-time alerts via email, SMS, Twitter and push notifications
  • Receive performance reports (response time, up/downtime)

There is nothing to develop or to download to get your MySQL database monitoring started!

Start your database monitoring today and be the first to know when an error or breakdown is detected.

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