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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


In today's world, every professional webmaster uses the Google Webmaster Tool in order to manage their website. There are a lot of issues that a webmaster has to deal with: an error in the HTML code, 404 error, ... Google Webmaster Tool is also a great way to optimize your SEO in Google SERP, but it has its own limits too... Indeed, the Google Webmaster Tool doesn't allow you to detects and alerts you in real-time when an anomaly is detected within your web services (site, database, server, ...). There is a complementary solution that goes with Google Webmaster Tool: the web monitoring from internetVista. This is an essential tool that every webmaster needs!

Even the biggest websites such as Google, Yahoo or Amazon have already faced a downtime or breakdown: their website is down. Those outages can come from a network issue, a web crash, anomalies within their IP services or even a hardware breakdown.

internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure that checks all of your web services availability 24 hours on 24 and 7 days a week. It enables you to detect any anomalies or failures within your internet services (web, email server, database, ...)

Our monitoring webmaster tool enables you to:

  • Test and monitor all of your web services (site, server, ...) 24/7
  • Get real-time alerts when your website is down (via email, SMS, Twitter, ...)
  • Track and measure your web performances (load time, availability, ...)

internetVista operates on a SaaS mode, there is no software to install or configure as your monitoring is available directly from any web browser (chrome, firefox, explorer, ...).

Any professional webmaster can't work without a website monitoring tool. This monitoring tool let you sleep tight as you are fully sure that your website is under your control and you can take the right actions when something goes wrong!

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