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Don't wait for your customers to warn you that your site is down!


The web transaction monitoring enables you to check your website process through a scenario play, by simulating the user navigation on your web site. This feature is particularly useful for an e-commerce website as internetVista lets you monitor the whole customer process from the product selection to the order confirmation. This way, the e-commerce website owners will have the certitude that their buying process is well and optimized.

This monitoring which provides an in-depth analysis and view on a parameter that Google seems to give more importance nowadays: the user experience. Thanks to our web transaction monitoring, marketing managers will have a powerful metrics to evaluate in real-time their user interaction quality provided by the company.

Thus, the web transaction monitoring is an advanced monitoring technique. The scenario description is done through an XML script which describes every step to monitor, which gives you the ability to discover the performance (speed, availability, ...) for every one of them. This advanced features highlights the which crucial step within your user navigation is failing in your buyer journey. The main advantage from the web scenario is that you will be the first to know when one of your critical step leading to a conversion is down! It always costs more money to find new customers than retaining them. The web transaction monitoring acts as a real assistant for website owners and is a tool alert when your site is breaking down.

internetVista is a web monitoring infrastructure that watches over all of your internet services (website, server, database, ...) 24 hours on 24 and 7 days a week. There is no software to install or configure as internetVista operates as a real SaaS, your scenario monitoring is directly available through a web browser (explorer, chrome, firefox, ...)

Our web scenario monitoring allows you to:

  • Simulate and Optimize the buyer journey (product selection, order confirmation, ...)
  • Get real-time alerts via email, SMS, Twitter when one step is down
  • Track and analyze your website performance (speed, availability, ../)

In addition to the web scenario monitoring (HTTP&HTTPS), other protocols are available: smtp, ftp, dns, pop, smtp, tcp, ping

Increase your conversions thanks to our web transaction monitoring

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